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Playing Tennis and using CLTC facilities during Covid-19

5 September 2020 No Comment

The Following Rules from 9/8/2020 MUST BE ADHERED TO - any contraventions may endanger your membership status.

The club is open for playing tennis, for limited social gatherings outdoors (in the 2 or 4 you played in) and indoors with family members.

  • Follow the government guidance regarding health, travel, social distancing and hygiene at all times. Do not play if you are ill, have symptoms or are self-isolating.
  • Only play or visit the club if you’ve booked a court in advance. All players names should be recorded when booking a court.
  • Arrive at time of booking. If early, wait in the car, or away from the courts, until your court is available.
  • Spectators are not allowed unless absolutely necessary – but if unavoidable then only 1 parent/guardian per player is allowed.
  • Both singles play and doubles play is now permitted with people from outside of your household, as long as you remain 2 metres apart – meaning that four people from different households can play doubles.
  • Bring hand sanitizer with you to use before and after playing. Please do not rely on the sanitizer the club supplies as these continue to be stolen during the nights.
  • Bring all your own equipment (do not share equipment such as rackets, grips, hats and towels). Also, ensure you take all your equipment including balls with you when leaving the court.
  • Do not share food or drink with others.
  • Don’t use your hands to pick up tennis balls from players on a different court (use your racket/foot to hit or kick them back to the other courts).
  • Toilets will open. Please use antibacterial wipes and hand sanitiser before and after use.
  • The foyer seating area will remain closed.
  • Court benches will be put back in their place on the side of the courts but you must use your own antibacterial wipes to clean them before and after use.
  • Tables outside the clubhouse will be put back in place for you to use in the groups of 2 or 4 that you just played with.
  • Members returning from or recently visited any country on the UK travel quarantine list should not attempt to play at the club before they have quarantined for the full 14 days.

Rules for using Clubhouse – Opening 7th September

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday 11:15am-1pm and 5:30-8:30pm

Saturday 10am-2pm

Sunday 11:15am-1pm

The following guidelines will be in place to safeguard staff, members and guests so please read all the guidelines below carefully and ensure that you fully comply:

  • It is now mandatory for all of our members, over the age of 11, to wear a face covering in the clubhouse (foyer, changing rooms and bar area) from 14th September. Face coverings will not be required when consuming food and drink indoors whilst sat at a table. UPDATED
  • Track and Trace information will be collected as members come into the clubhouse (name and contact number) from at least one person from each party. Please bring your own pen to use.
  • All members must sanitise their hands when entering the clubhouse.
  • All seated areas will be segregated at a minimum distance of 2 metres.
  • Antibacterial wipes and hand sanitiser available on each table. Members are expected to wipe down table and chairs before and after use.
  • Members should purchase drinks and snacks from bar. When finished, members will place all rubbish in bin and return cups, glasses etc to the side of the bar.
  • Visor, masks and gloves will be worn by members of staff.
  • Once purchased, drinks or snacks must be consumed outside only unless with members of own households. Government guidelines – Indoors, you are only able to eat or drink with the people you live with (members of your own household) or members of your extended household (if you have agreed to form one)
  • Food will not be available.
  • There will be a one-way system in clubhouse. Enter the normal way, leave via fire exit at top of room.
  • 2 metre floor signage for particular use when queuing at the bar.
  • Contactless payments only.

We hope that as a membership you can support and protect our valuable clubhouse by using the facilities safely in these challenging and uncertain times.

Court Booking Rules

  • You can only play once a day.
  • You can book 3 slots in a 7 day period.
  • Each session is for 1hr 25mins with a buffer of 5mins between sessions for you to leave the courts before the next players turn up.
  • Any booking that just has one name registered will be deleted.
  • If you have used the courts and become unwell please notify John Williams immediately. State the date and time of play plus the name of your opponent to enable the club ”Track and Trace” policy to be initiated. Contact John Williams on 07796935609.Please also contact John for any help /guidance required regarding the above rules or for any other queries.The Committee continue to rely on the support of all its members to adhere to these rules. This will enable the club to operate as safely as possible and for it to remain open for you all to use and enjoy. Any persistent contraventions will inevitably result in the closure of the club, and will put your own future membership at risk.
  • Many thanks to all players in anticipation of your understanding and support of the above rules.

CLTC Committee