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Introduction of our new Membership Secretary

1 March 2018 No Comment

Hello All,

We wanted to introduce ourselves to you as your new Membership Secretary. This is a shared role between us, and like any good doubles team we have combined our individual strengths and together we hope to serve you a couple of aces (pun intended!). As the Cardiff Lawn Tennis Club membership is so large we will not have met all of you so we have put together a short biography as a way for you to get to know us.

Lisa’s (Harrison) Bio

My tennis history is short…I’m new to it. I started playing socially in 2012 in a tennis court opposite my then home in Dartmouth, Devon. When circumstances brought me back home to Wales I decided to take lessons at Cardiff Lawn Tennis Club as it was close to work. I attended group coaching for about a year before becoming a member of the club in June 2016.  I am proud to say that in the last year I have played in the ladies fifth doubles team in the summer and winter league. I also play in the singles box league. It’s been an absolute pleasure to meet great friends this way. As I’m still a relatively new member I feel that my integration into the club isn’t too far behind me. So I feel I’ll be able to relate to the journey of new members as they join the club.


Som’s (Nhem) Bio

I got into tennis when I watched the Wimbledon final (Federer vs Nadal) in 2008 and seeing the way Federer played at that time was so inspiring that I decided to buy a racket and whack some balls. Before I joined this club, I was a member of another club where I had some occasional tennis training lessons. However, that club did not give me a chance to play a lot of tennis due to a lack of members. As a result, I decided to join Cardiff Lawn Tennis Club so that I can play more tennis. It did not disappoint me. I got a chance to meet some nice people at different levels of tennis who I can play regularly with to keep on improving my tennis level. I play for team tennis in the summer doubles league, boxleague singles in winter and now also play winter doubles league. There are a lot of tennis activities here that you can take part. I would reassure everyone who is enthusiastic and keen about playing tennis, Cardiff Lawn Tennis Club is the place for you.

Our Aims

Our role comprises several aspects including the management and administration of the subscription process and the integration of new members into the club.

With the support and direction of the committee our aim this year is to achieve a more welcoming and inclusive integration of new members into the club. It is our intention to achieve this by:

1.       Developing a group of willing Ambassadors that will be available to meet and play with new members. Wherever possible, an Ambassador will be matched with a new member of a similar level of ability. The hope is that existing members will then introduce new members to their networks.

2.       Organising a proactive mix in. It is our intention to meet with new members at mix in and help connect them with existing members with a similar calibre game.

3.       Extending individual invites to new members to all forthcoming club events.

In general, our hope is to offer a warmer welcome into the club and support new members regardless of ability. This is a collaborative effort so please approach us individually or jointly about all things membership related. We would be happy to help.  We would also value your input in the coming days when we reach out to you.

We look forward to spending more time connecting with you.

Lisa and Som