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CLTC is proud to unveil brand new green clay courts

15 May 2017 No Comment
We’re thrilled to have officially opened our shiny new green clay courts. Chairman Graham, head coach John and player Trinity formally opened the courts for us.

Ensuring courts 5-7 are kept in as good a playing condition as possible we’ll be following these basic rules.
We even got member Tony Gaspar to show how the sweeping should be done – check out our YouTube video Tony\’s court sweeping top tips
Before playing
  1. First use the sweeping mats provided to pull briskly over the entire court area, including outside of the courts keeping the mats as flat as possible.
  2. To remove leaves etc that collect on the sweeper, shake the debris into a pile by the fences at the corner of courts.
  3. Avoid sweeping in very wet conditions.
  4. Secondly use the line brushes to clear all lines.
  5. After use hang the sweeping mats by the bar (not rope) on the hooks provided in between courts.
  6. Place the line brushes in a similar area with handle through fence.
After playing
  1. If court is prepared when you are ready to play please do above after playing.
  2. Wipe feet on the carpet mats as you leave the playing surface.

Happy playing!